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Code BGP Platform

3 screenshots of Code BGP platform
Schema displaying an example alert

GraphQL Alerting

Be alerted on time:

for important routing events

with your own GraphQL queries

Auto-resolve alerts

Easily manage your alerts and receive notifications with Prometheus Alertmanager

Leverage routing telemetry

Get hundreds of real-time series of routing metrics

Easily integrate your Grafana with our Prometheus REST API

Table displaying telemetry metrics examples
World map with markers displaying Code BGP monitors

Access 1,700+ real-time BGP monitors worldwide

Be notified in time by:

216 Code BGP monitors in 72 cities

1450+ RIPE RIS live monitors in key IXPs & ISPs

Learn routing changes in secs

Get started instantly without any setup

See routes from your routers to critical networks

See routes to critical external services or cloud providers

Understand routing between offices and data centers

Minimal configuration with BGP multihop or BMP session

Schema displaying routes between entities with arrows
Schema displaying ROAs and RPKI flow with arrows

Track RPKI certificates & validate BGP updates

Track the state of your ROA certificates in real-time and detect anomalies

Validate BGP updates from our monitors and your routers and detect invalid

Leverage GraphQL: A query language for our API

Ask exactly what you need and nothing more

Query, subscribe, or mutate Code BGP Platform data

Drive network automation with a modern API

Screenshot of GraphQL editor displaying an autonomous system numbers query
Screenshot of Code BGP Platform dashboard

Live data UI/UX

Easily setup data services AS/prefix filters. Auto-discover prefixes from ASes

View or search prefixes, AS numbers, peerings, routes, and ROAs, and where they are visible

Answer common questions with pre-build queries, GraphQL API editor

Overview dashboard with key metrics