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Code BGP supports GRNOG!

Code BGP aligns with the goals of GRNOG and, for that reason, actively participates and supports this community.


What is GRNOG?

GRNOG, the Greek Network Operators Group, is “a community of professionals that are involved in the design, implementation, provisioning and operation of Greek Internet services, networks and infrastructure”. The purpose of this group is to create a human network of professionals with common technical interests; to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and information among its members; to promote the cooperation between companies, bodies and parties related to the Greek Internet; to disseminate Greek and global Internet developments, emerging technologies, best operating practices and standards; and to develop tools, policies, practices and means of communication that facilitate day-to-day operations and long-term design and planning.

Among other activities, GRNOG organizes technical meetings and workshops. Those meetings are quite successful, with a large number of attendees from several companies and diverse sectors. Actually, these meetings are established as “the events where Greek networking people meet and discuss”.

Code BGP and GRNOG

Code BGP is a startup that offers global routing observability in seconds, leveraging SaaS, data aggregation, real-time telemetry and alerting, and GraphQL APIs to deliver business value to organizations operating networks within the global BGP ecosystem. Its software service, called the Code BGP Platform, provides via a state-of-the-art looking glass, real-time views of routing incidents around the world and enables network operators to identify and resolve them before they propagate to the rest of the Internet.

Code BGP aligns with the goals of GRNOG and, for that reason, actively participates and supports this community. As former researchers and academics, it is in our nature to seek innovation and break new grounds. We thus strongly support knowledge exchange communities which can lead to the generation of new ideas and further developments in research and daily operations. We encourage our people to participate in such communities where they can interact with other professionals gaining valuable knowledge and expanding their horizons. Fellow colleagues, see you at the next GRNOG meeting!