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About Us

Our mission is to empower our users with real-time views and incident alerts about the network infrastructure they depend on.

What's Code BGP ?

Code BGP is a startup that provides SaaS solutions for network automation, visibility, and security. We focus specifically on BGP. We are incorporated in Delaware, US and have founded a subsidiary in Greece, EU. We are a spinoff of the Institute of Computer Science - Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas and our offices are in the Science and Technology Park of Crete, Greece.


The founders of Code BGP, Fontas Dimitropoulos, Vasileios Kotronis, and Lefteris Manassakis, have many years of experience in designing, deploying, and researching innovations for improving BGP operations.

ARTEMIS Software

The founders of Code BGP are among the creators of the ARTEMIS open source software for BGP prefix hijacking detection and mitigation. The ARTEMIS software was released in Dec 2018 and is presently used by many large Internet Service Providers to protect their networks from BGP hijacks.

More about Code BGP

To learn more about us, please read our inauguration blog post.

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Meet our team

We are a team of people that embrace solid engineering, like to lead instead of following, value our people, are socially responsible for what we do, and love to create value for our customers. We work together like a basketball team to make extraordinary things happen.

  • Fontas Dimitropoulos

    Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

  • Vasileios Kotronis

    Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

  • Lefteris Manassakis

    Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer

  • Ioannis Sermetziadis

    Backend and Cloud Engineer

  • Konstantinos Arakadakis

    Backend Software Engineer

  • George Eptaminitakis

    Frontend Developer

  • Korina Kalergi

    Web & UX / UI Designer

  • Ioannis Gavalas

    Operations & Business Analyst

  • Ioannis Paterakis

    DevOps Engineer