Code BGP

Track your Internet addresses and pathsin real-time

Real-time Internet monitoring from the point of view of BGP for incident detection, change verification, and NetOps automation use cases.

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Introducing Code BGP Cloud

A cloud-based real-time Internet data platform for multiple use cases.

One platform, multiple use cases


Protect your network from anomalies. Mitigate BGP hijacks and route leaks in real-time, before they affect your network.


Verify what you announce to the Internet in real-time. Make sure the correct network policies are enforced.


Consume or update AS numbers and IP prefixes with a flexible data-driven API. Seamlessly automate your NetOps processes.


Network operators detect BGP hijacks and leaks after they affect their customers, peers, or even the rest of the Internet. Current detection and mitigation measures are manual and very slow. It takes several minutes, hours, or even days until a hijack is noticed. On the other hand, RPKI deals only with a small subset of the problem.

Always secure

The Security service provides real-time BGP hijacking and route leak detection and mitigation based on the principles of the state-of-the-art ARTEMIS approach.

Real-time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring to detect anomalies.

Accurate Detection

Detect multiple types of hijacks without false positives.


Deploy counter-measures such as deaggregated prefix announcements in real-time.


Network teams often do not know what BGP announces to the rest of the Internet and in particular if their policies are enforced.

No verification? No problem!

The Verification service provides real-time monitoring of what an organization announces to the Internet so it ensures the enforced network policies are compliant with the organization's intentions.

Change validation

Monitor what you announce to the Internet after configuration changes and verify that your network behavior matches your intentions.


Compare BGP data with external sources to extract insights on BGP misconfigurations or other inconsistencies.
  • Set up the automation service

  • Set up visibility data sources, policy intentions, and notifications

  • Do your BGP business as usual, e.g., apply network configuration changes

  • Get notified in real-time about policy violations


Modern networks need rich APIs for consuming real-time network resource data into various applications. Automation is essential in the context of network resource tracking to verify how networks operate in practice, detect security incidents, and more generally to close the loop between control and monitoring.

No automation? No problem!

Code BGP provides a cloud-based platform that automatically creates and maintains an inventory of the announced IP address prefixes, AS numbers, peerings, and routes of an organization via configured sources, like BGP feeds. Then, it exposes this inventory in real-time through an open data-driven API.


Centrally manage AS numbers, IP prefixes, and other data on the cloud.

Data-driven API

Consume or update AS numbers, IP prefixes, and more with a flexible data-driven API.


Seamlessly automate your NetOps processes with integrations with RPKI, IRRs, and the provided Security and Visibility services.

Auto-discover neighbors and prefixes

Easily auto-discover your own or your clients' neighbors and prefixes in just a few seconds via vanilla BGP peerings.